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Message Subject Newly Discovered Artifacts Prove Mayans Had Alien Contact!
Poster Handle cobe breaker
Post Content
• I do enjoy reading about the ‘wiggle’n’ of a godless society and the narratives are always missing the 1 degree of knowledge, essentially that the meek will confound the so called wise. Due to the lies of ‘white’ supremacy’ that pervades most cultures and societies many attempts have been made to oppress/suppress the truth, i.e. ancient Egyptian and Sumerian artifacts defaced, painted over with pale skin and blue eyes, natives in the Americas told they came over across the Bering strait, his-tory contoured to fit the genocidal mass conditioning of ppl. To negate the true origins of humanity. The simple truth is “god”, “God”, “GOD” is not a bearded pale man in the heavens as most many think; ppl. need to come to the realization that Nubian ppl. are the givers of civilization and the true Native Americans are of Nubian descent; all civilizations no matter how old, came from Nubian ppl. and because ppl. are so full of racism they refuse or are unable to see the basic and simple truth that the Hopi and Navajo ppl. foretold; if ppl. are interested in the truth, free Dr. Malachi Z. York a falsely imprisoned native American who dared to tell the truth of the reality in which ppl. are existing in….over come your racism and self hate, and you will see the truth that we are all contributing to this oppressive reality and the realization that the sun/heru, the messiah has returned, sun/son shine on me....cursed are those who try to extinguish the black light....

"white" is not the correct word as white is not a color it is a state of purity; the correct term is pale and/or albino and it is due to recessive genes of the Nubian ppl. Either way one looks at it, religious or scientific, the results are the same. 2 pale people can’t give birth to a Nubian child however 2 Nubian people can give birth to an albino. Canaan, the son of Ham (the cursed one) and Haliyma, was an albino, ridicule from peers and lack of melanin to protect him from the sun caused him to flee to the caves of what is now referred to as Europe and thus you have a race the emerged out of the caves which would be the pale albino lepers. These are the same beings written about in Leviticus and the priest where given instructions on how to tend to this being whether it was a clean leper or unclean with leprosy (rosecia) and further people where instructed not to mixed their seed due to the recessive genes of blond fur/blue eyes.

The reason for the pale lepers being mistaken for 'gods' was because some of the indigenous people forget the teaching and misinterpreted pale for 'white' or it the story was distorted to perpetuate pale supremacy of a recessive being, a man-kind, beast like, however, as stated at the beginning white is not a color it is a state of purity. So pale/albino beings are recessive beings as any elementary science book will instruct that blue eyes/blond fur is recessive. And thus the native were given the story about the appearance of the ‘white’ buffalo because that was a sign of the end of the genetic strain due to the approach of tIt is genocidal programming of 'white' supremacy thru the educational systems that ppl. have been mis-educated. If one looks at the 'Mayan' prophecies there is a depiction in one of the glyphs that show the pale lepers as spotted beings and this was foretold by our ancestors that there would be pale beings that would take over the world and rule in the moon cycle using the gases of Saturn (satan) however that time was up in 1996 when we entered the sun cycle and many of these beings will be destroyed via the radiation (melanoma) of the sun this is what is referred to as the coming of the messiah it is indeed the sun/son/heru cycle when all that was hidden will be revealed and the meek shall confound the so called wise. So pale beings did not come from Mars and there are not artifacts in Europe reflecting this 'new age' thought.

The reason why most people don’t know this is they do not what to face the facts that pale lepers are descents from Nubian people they want to perpetuate lies or are in complete denial. Imagine being told all your life you are a god because of 'white' skin blue eyes, blond fur and come to find out all these attributes of so called god is really due to recessive genes of Nubian people...now imagine being told you were nothing but a slave, savage that had to be civilized only to find out that Nubian (black) people built the pyramids and are the givers of civilization, the true gods of the earth, the Annunaki whom came to earth via mars to genetically graph homo sapiens...o father re, come a little bit closer to us, the son/sun of righteousness the true witness of all in all...peace to the gods....
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