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Message Subject If a Provable ET/Alien Were to Manifest on Earth Would you accept him as real?
Poster Handle Alien Commander Omd I
Post Content

Now we ask ourselves how would the aliens make themselves known? For the moment we will skip the question
as to why now. Science fiction has done this many times for entertainment, buy here we are talking about the
real event - true and provable alien disclosure. I as a human {my theoretical alien channeling of the past will
not be considered relevant} speculate that they {he, she, it or them} would first make contact with a single
scientist known for his serious study of the alien/UFO phenomenon and yet still considered a reputable scientist whose character is beyond reproach, say Jacques Vallee as an example. The actual first contact method might be an
email which appears on his computer stating that even though he will at first believe this to be hoax they will tell
him something that will make him think it is real and then suggest a point of meeting where he can show himself.
They will inform the scientist that they come with good intentions and inform him of why now and what there intentions are as to disclosure to a large population and will discuss with him what they believe the effect of
this disclosure will have on humans. Vallee would then ask for time to run this history making event past other
scientists. A group of open-minded scientists would then be called to a meeting and the details would then be worked out.

Assuming the alien{s} is not particularly bad looking by human standards {if they look monstrous that would be
a problem} and assuming the alien allowed for a scientific/medical evaluation to establish authenticity, you might shortly thereafter here a break in regular TV, radio and other means of communication with the announcement that an important event {to say the least} is about to be announced........

Now I stop. Consider the consequences. And let me again ask the original question this way:

If a Provable ET/Alien Were to Manifest on Earth Would 'THEY' accept him as real?
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