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Message Subject ILLUMINATI wants "LUCIFER WORSHIPER" Mormon MITT ROMNEY as GOP candidate
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Was raised in my youth in Slat Lake City Utah. The real Mormon people are some of the finest folks in the USA.

Their whole thing is about treating children and families as "being special". I was raised in the Anglican Church, but that was fine with them! Since they noticed my father was working at job that kept him on the road 6-7 days aweek, they made a point of including me on fishing and camping trips.

A family of German immigrates encouraged me to learn how to snow ski after seeing I was not affraid to learn how. At some point my friends dad had asked my parent if it was OK if he helped me get a pair of military surplus ski's, poles, and bindings for a few dollars? This was the 1950's.

I do not vote via religion not do the Mormons, this guy Mitt is just one more rich dude.

If Ron Paul is not on the ballot, then I'll vote for other issues. Time to realize that both sides of this bird are the same, same. Remember that anyone shoving these canidates are just shills wasting my time since anytime politicians "rape and gut our entire system without any of our ideas or wishes means communist or space ET's have taken over.

How in the hell would we now know who is who now since unknown people or creatures have let this country juat turn into the mercenary forces for all the dirty ass misssions no one else dares to do.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1432653

Mormon church in Utah have "Illuminati eye statue all over church" ---same eye as We see on dollar sign -----
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