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Message Subject ILLUMINATI wants "LUCIFER WORSHIPER" Mormon MITT ROMNEY as GOP candidate
Poster Handle WorldResistance
Post Content
Well the big problem is that matter what the voter think is best for their country, they will get another Illuminati in office. The only man I know that is best for our country is Ron Paul, the one and only true patriot. He not an Illuminati and he want to restored our freedom.

We want to put the end of the NWO, we got to push harder and get Ron in.

But here is the problem, everything is control by the Illuminati, so for us to vote for Ron will never happen, because they will change for the vote for the Illuminati one. If Ron does not get in, we know it time we remove the evil out of office and restored our freedom.

Mitt is an Illuminati, mason and globalist, he does not care about your freedom at all, just want power, like all the other illuminati buttheads.

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