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Message Subject why cant god forgive satin
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
aloha all this is my first post so bear with me lol...

why cant the lord forgive satin dose he need to beg for mercy and is this possible if it is would god forgive him? he teaches to forgive 70 x 700 so i cant imagine he wouldnt forgive the rebelor,but i highly dout the devil would even ask,im sure its a shitty deal for lucifer but imo he should just reform,god made him their for he was pure and good but was corrupted by wanting power,i think that if the devil asked for mercy,all evil would cease to exist if i had a chance to present this theroy to the devil i would.im so over this world in this time it gets worse and worse.their is a god i belive this with all of my heart and soul.

so back to my question is it possible for god to forgive the devil????????
 Quoting: mariah_808

When has satan asked for forgiveness?
God gave him a choice...stay or go, satan chose to go. Like so many other people do. Ask Jesus into your heart...it is peaceful there.
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