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Family Farms Face More Regulation From Feds

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United States
03/15/2012 06:09 PM
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Family Farms Face More Regulation From Feds
The main focus of the new regulations proposed last year was on the operation of farm equipment. The DOT was trying to mandate that anyone operating a piece of mechanized farm equipment be subject to the same rules that apply to drivers of semi-tractor trailers. These changes would have essentially blocked all young people who work on family farms from operating even the smallest tractor or truck, unless those people would be able to pass the stringent tests and maintain the detailed logs that are required of truckers.

These rules would also open the door for the potential unionization of all farm workers in America. Even family farm workers.

[link to www.theblaze.com]

The Administration is writing laws everyday that take away the US freedoms. Will it ever stop?

If Obama is relected you can kiss this country goodbye..