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The Cooktop Cyphers:Proof of Secret Communications-decyphered

A Few Good Women
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03/15/2012 07:03 PM
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The Cooktop Cyphers:Proof of Secret Communications-decyphered
Okay...so I stumbled upon these strange blogs a few months ago. The wording was jumbled, but enough of them stood out, and appeared enough in other blogs I found, that I felt that there was more to it.

It had been explained to me (in not so nice terms) by some IT folks on GLP, that the format was called SEU, something used by website owners to get more hits. I still wondered however, if this SEU program couldn't be used for other purposes such as communication between a group of people, or if the blog couldn't have been disguised enough to look like one of these SEU blogs.

I decided to take the time (and it definitely took a lot of time) to try and piece together a coherent message...and after about three days working on just one of the many blogs that I found, I think that I may have finally de-coded some of the messages. I will provide that link to the entire blog and I will post some of the excerpts with the translation. Each paragraph in a blog consists of a separate message and I believe that I fugured out the network of "spies"...

Cooktop= Head of orginization
Food Processor= Head of projects and experiments having to do with Genetically Modified Foods and Agriculture
Microwave=Head of Nuclear projects
Juicer and Coffee maker=Heads up projects having to do with water supply and experiments
Toaster= Head of experimental explosive and weapons and development

Other names: Vacuum, wafflemaker, griddler, refrigerator (I have yet to delve any further into these blogs)

These people have other people working under them. A lot of the people mentioned in the blogs work in a range of fields from Doctors in biology, and medicine to a Lt Gen and the senate committee on Governmental affairs...that right there told me that these people weren't randomly put into the blogs.

Here is one example of a deciphered message:

Link: [link to ultimateofferseveryday32.blogspot.com]

Saturday, March 10, 2012
Food processor, 19th untagged points are ordered around mainstream wigger.

Great Deal 12 Pack (2 of each color) CLI-8 Compatible Ink w/ Chip for Canon Pixma iP6600D iP6700D Best price, the appeal was about tied by the other pots. Able hemopoietin( for development of blood cells or other formed elements) infinite next restaurant. Oil onset, can-o-mat investment area, and broil-o-mat influence. Like his water and his treatments, bowie himself visited north free with his laboratory as also one circle of a street. Most green rum rates exist the film meat of project dominated by walter hunt, which causes of two stairwells, an many. and a lower The new cousins are deep for truck cars. Solely that's button of what's profitable about a fruit like this.

rates/two/one/ hemopoietin(used for development of blood cells or other formed elements)/ treatments/of/water/which/causes /infinite/free/Oil / that's /the appeal / of a / profitable /investment/ like this/green/ project /
bowie himself visited /The new / laboratory/Solely/dominated by / walter hunt(Dr. Walter Hunt, MD, Turlock, CA,, Board Certified in Otolaryngology/

blog excerpt:
Food processor, the drops have a list and changing location inside that allocation the food around them and n't keep up so the founder calls off the occur and into the breakfast juice. Cyprus after nicosia and limosol. As a matter, sleeve is a unknown appearance beam and depends the twelve jersey of the simple voltages he gets with. Accomplish a gurney to house for that. Bulma is the effect of dr. preston (Mark Preston, MD/degree in Biology and again in 1980 with a Masters degree in Physical Anthropology. , also a practicing Plastic Surgeon) observed that harry was after taste of the company and performed the center. In the 1836 chimney, this share shown in a affect mode: oh! Event, from its drunk paper in europe, was placed else only as a film as a head; its biological dense representative as an huge room started its suicide in economic people rigging realities and monthly makers that to petty concept are more fundamentally primary. Food processor, /one is deadly company revolution student-run type and the european one is an red laboratory energy valley.

Food processor/founder calls off the/Event/ changing/ primary/laboratory/location /in/nicosia and limosol, Cyprus/ valley/ have a list / unknown appearance /dr. preston (Mark Preston, MD/degree in Biology; Masters degree in Physical Anthropology./also a practicing Plastic Surgeon)/its biological / the environmental/ concept /depends/ allocation the food around them/ and the european one is/fundamentally/deadly/Accomplish/company/representative/sho​wn in / film /room/1836/ mode/ deadly/ drops /placed/ into the breakfast juice/ the effect of /suicide/head/of the company / rigging / monthly /economic/realities/ in europe

If you clicked on the link, you would see that there are many of these blogs. This network must consist of hundreds of people and reports are sent numerous times a day.

I'll be posting more as I get to them. I would love to hear any thoughts and perhaps some would like to take on one of these coded paragraphs themselves.
"A Few Good Women"

Land of the Free, Home of the Crazy
The Fewer, the Prouder, the Women Marines.

Nuff said.
AdSense prostitution
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03/15/2012 07:42 PM
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Re: The Cooktop Cyphers:Proof of Secret Communications-decyphered
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the webmaster’s prostitution manual, written by
All those nonsensical posts (containing “THE x LINK”) are automatically added (passing the Captcha checking!) by programs created by certain (smart bastards) programmers that want to improve “THE x LINK” in Google ranking system (so that when somebody searches for those words, his x page will popup in the first results-page returned by google) ; Google considers that the best results to a certain search, are proportional to the number of the external links (pointing back to the x link…) containing the searched words. That’s why they are flooding the net – to be pleased by Google.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1331745
03/15/2012 07:43 PM
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Re: The Cooktop Cyphers:Proof of Secret Communications-decyphered
aka – no conspiracy but pure greed!