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Message Subject WATCH THIS !!! # An Ongoing, Carefully Selected Collection of MUST SEE VIDEOS
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Why would a seemingly patriotic, loyal, honest, loving person turn corrupt representative virtually over night?

1) cash in the form of non-payback loans, inside trade scoops, and their kids get free college.

2) promises of a bunker in Colorado if earth changes occur

3) health secrets - a) they are immune to the illegal and genocide aimed health care reform, b) they are given HGH (human grown hormone scripts which nearly stops aging), c) they are alerted to which foods to eat and which foods not to eat (they are spared of toxins which make the masses ill), other treatments which enhance life and longevity such as iodine, zinc, etc. Look at Kissinger, Rumsfield, Bush Sr. all headed to 100yo. If they stuck to a better diet, they would all see 140.

RESIGN THEIR ASSES. They DO NOT REPRESENT, They SPY and report back to DC RATTING on their constituents. They loot,s steal and help commit murder by supporting illegal wars, bills and laws. Most commit treason because of this. All for self gain.
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