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Message Subject WATCH THIS !!! # An Ongoing, Carefully Selected Collection of MUST SEE VIDEOS
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Firstly concerning the "giant" video, I at first thought, "wow", then I saw the "two foot long" revolver????

What the heck is a 25 foot tall ancient giant doing with a six gun???

I thus and therefore call shenanigans...........

As to Aldous huxley. Wow what a man. We could well do with people of his calibre today. Unfortunatley the only people people of his whit and wisdom alive today are drooling in old peoples homes awaiting the final curtain.

We are doomed I am afraid to await the same fate of those that have gone before. To watch with baited breath, our hearts in our mouths, with our eyes "bugging" as our lives and livelihoods are stripped and stripped more, so that the human pigs and cows may gorge to their whims.

We are here on this mortal realm, merely to bear witness, to take in all that we see. So that in the "future" as we become gods in our own right, we may look back on our own and others mistakes and trespasses, and make them not again ourselves. Eternity is a long time to keep on repeating the errs of our past, to cycle and sustain the unsustainable. We must see and envisage a new dawn and day, we must know and teach that what is real and in our eyesight, must be blotted out and made black, faded into obscurity and history. We must write a new set of rules based on the wisdom of our forefathers and of our own tribulations.

We think, and therefore we are...

Or we dont, and therefore we are not....
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