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Message Subject WATCH THIS !!! # An Ongoing, Carefully Selected Collection of MUST SEE VIDEOS
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

University of Cologne: Noam Chomsky: 2. Lecture

 Quoting: Invictus

Of all the vids here, this has to be the GLP Bible. A real stunner/MUST WATCH!

Prof Chomsky sets out, very calmly and rationally, exactly what forum members here (and at a few other choice sites) have been saying for years - in more colorful language.

Every single utterance he makes is a gobsmacker. All of it is backed up by hard fact, documentation and scholarly research. (Frankly, I'm very surprised how they've let him live - literally.)

A few utterances from memory and slightly paraphrased for brevity:

- the US (and Allies) plan to carve up the world after WW2, creating 'zones' of activity and economy - and proles - that would only benefit the US

- the west is suffering Great Depression levels of unemployment

- China has its own demographic time bomb and won't be able to sustain production and growth

- austerity will only crash whatever economy's left (Obama is right: stimulus is needed)

- democracy is a sham - capitalism and democracy just not compatible

- quoted a pre-WW2 POTUS to workers: 'show me how badly you want jobs/more wages/fairer conditions - THEN I can bargain with the industrialists'

- Chomsky recommends this activity now...notes the Wisconsin uprising and others around the world that get little MSM space

- what GLPers call the Illuminati, Chomsky terms the 'Masters of Mankind' after Adam Smith
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