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Message Subject Next Pope will be Cardinal Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Also, the name John XXIII was not used by a Pope since the 1500's, read the councils of Constance, no one has taken that name because it was the name a heretic who forcefully claimed he was the pope, (while there was a true pope) and deceived many and caused a schism, it all had to be sorted out at Constance and he was excommunicated by the council, hence no one has ventured to use that name since, not wanting to bring up such a shit part of our history. Then there's a controversial papal election (supposedly siri won but was threatened within the conclave) and then we get a pope who calls himself John XXIII the name that was never used b/c it was associated w/ usurpation. He promulgates V2, which results in Lumen Gentium which is the constitution of another organization that is not and cannot be Catholic.
Luckily there were a few Bishops that stood up to council and maintained valid sacraments, look up the sspx or cmri.
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