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Message Subject Next Pope will be Cardinal Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson
Poster Handle Dutchguy
Post Content
Well a black man in the Oval Office looked like THE best thing for the US so to save the church a black pope (i have some gut feeling about this being the last pope if it will be a black man) will just have to happen. All other candidates just look like child molestors and secretive scumbags so i sure hope this man from Ghana will take the throne of the church and maybe it will even floorish again someday. The church needs to be cut down to maybe floorish once again in a real sence. Hypocrit child abusers and secretive scumbags don't go well and that's been a fact since ever.

Maybe a black pope would be the best thing to happen to the catholic church since 1000 years, and maybe it will once again regain a status where people dare to walk through the doors without being looked at strange as if THEY are the ones molesting children.

But as long as a religion is used as a business to make money nothing will ever come from it and so has history repeatedly tried to tell us.
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