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What a sad condition we're in!

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03/18/2012 03:06 PM
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What a sad condition we're in!
With all the possibilities available to us. With all the truth that could be realized. Medical cures available, Psychological problems that could be repaired, Treasures found and mysteries solved.

Instead we are bombarded with stupid opinions from people that have no background on the subject thousands and thousands of posts that give no real answers only more confusion!!

A man posts a question to a medical site saying he was just diagnosed with (disease here) and instead of getting a good medical opinion he has to sort through hundreds of worthless opinions from people that should just keep their fingers shut!

I'm sure the reason he posted his question was because he really wanted to hear a thousand people tell him "I've got the same problems, let me know what you find out". Give him a break! He'll be dead by the time he finds the answer. cause we all know his doctor isn't gonna tell him.

Whats going on here people? we could really be getting somewhere and fast, but instead of actual truths, we have to weed through pages and pages of crap to find a little truth.

I think its time we sit back and apply a little restraint now and then rather then posting useless opinions to every single post when we have no experience or knowledge on the subject.

no replies needed... Just bump and pin so all can learn to quiet themselves a little.