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My translation of Isaiah 9:6 goes something like this: "For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called 'A wonderful counselor is mighty G-d, the everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.'" The two letter word "is", is usually not stated in Hebrew. Rather,"is" is understood. For example, the words "hakelev" (the dog) and "gadol" (big), when joined into a sentence -- hakelev gadol -- means "the dog IS big," even though no Hebrew word in that sentence represents the word "is."

A more accurate translation of the name of that child is
then, as above "A wonderful counselor is the mighty God, the everlasting father ..." Like the name "Emanuel," this name describes God, not the person who carries the name.

Biblical names often describe God, and no one thinks to apply the description to the people with these names. The name Isaiah itself means "God is salvation," and not that the prophet himself is God and salvation in a human body.

 Quoting: Shalhevet

Thank you for your response.

We seem to agree on the translation of the name of the child.

Just as we agree on the Hebrew word for 'flame'?


Who ( in your opinion) is the child?

 Quoting: Daniel's Seventieth Seven 10272177

The Child is believed to be Isaiah's child by his wife. others believe it is a wife of King Ahaz. Christianity have a mistranslation of the word Almah, which a noun and always signifies a young woman of marriageable age, and that woman can be married and still referred to as a young woman.

If Isa. 7:14 was referring to a virgin, the writer would have use the word 'B'tulah'.

Which ever it does not refer to a 200+ yr pregnancy.

 Quoting: Shalhevet

In other words,

You do not agree with Mr. Shapiro or Alesia?

Do you still expect a messiah? If so...


 Quoting: Daniel's Seventieth Seven 10272177

It is not know for sure who the child is, the bible doesn't specifically say. As I said some believe it was Isaiah's others King Ahaz's. Could it have been Hezekiah, yes it is possible. So since there are variations of the understanding of who it could be, then I have to agree with Alesiah that it is possible Hezekiah.
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