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My Mason dream last night

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United States
03/18/2012 11:23 PM
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My Mason dream last night
I remember this one I usually forget my dreams. I dreamed that I was in a shed with someone it had a shelf of bottles & a compass. I picked up the compass it was the most fascinating one I have ever seen it had great detail with a long drill bit that can be removed from it & said MASON. When I held it the two dials spun one smaller on top of the other that moved in a up ward in down would spin the bottom bigger one was more like a regular spin both had points on both ends. I pulled the long drill bit from the compass white powder dust came from it I gave it to the man that was there He sat it on a table. I looked at the bottles on the shelf there was about 3 dozen of them with wording. I wanted to see the compass again but it was gone some on took it and the letters on the bottles disappeared. He set the compass on the table but only a card was there with a triangle & two point at the bottom then I woke up. I have bad mouthed the Free mason cult & most likely still will. But Know I think the Original few Masons were free to do Astrological building concept for energy domain a few hundred years ago .& I wonder now if the war of American Independence was more about them leaving the ruler control of England than the taxation. I think like anything good .Evil infest it & use it for power over the masses I did watch a Youtube video yesterday that was about Washington being a free mason. So my dream was maybe just a refection of that.