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Message Subject THIS IS WHAT KING JAMES( FAMOUS ILLUMINATI) ADDED IN BIBLE (EZEKIEL 23) is this word of "GOD" or word of SATAN WORSHIPER king james ?
Poster Handle shenandoah
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Puritan Protestants aren't / weren't Pagans. We don't set up images or idols, and pretend that they're alive and inhabited by the Holy Spirit (like Catholics). We don't pray to the "Virgin Mary" (who btw, had other children besides Jesus - and - a husband named, "Joseph").

Puritans never celebrated Thanksgiving or any other holidays (such as Christmas) in any sort of religious fashion. Their only days of rituals were the Sabbath days.

ALL established religions (by Congressional legislation / acts) are ~cults. That includes every one of them: Protestant, Catholic, Muslim, Jewish, etc. - all cults.
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