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Message Subject THIS IS WHAT KING JAMES( FAMOUS ILLUMINATI) ADDED IN BIBLE (EZEKIEL 23) is this word of "GOD" or word of SATAN WORSHIPER king james ?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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King James, Meditation on Revelation

“The Pope is Antichrist, and Popery the loosing of Satan, from whom proceedeth false doctrine and cruelty to subvert the kingdom of Christ: Now whether the Pope beareth these marks or not, let any indifferent man judge; I think surely it expounds itself: Doeth he not usurp Christ his office, calling himself universal Bishop and head of the Church? Playeth he not the part of Apollyon, and Abbadon the king of the Locusts and destroyer, or son of perdition, in chopping and changing of souls betwixt heaven, hell, and his fantastic or imagined purgatory at his pleasure? Blasphemeth he not, in denying us to be saved by the imputation of Christ his righteousness? Moreover, hath he not sent forth and abused the world with innumerable orders of locust and shavelings? Hath he not so fully ruled over the world these many hundredth years, as to the fire went he, whosoever he was, that durst deny any part of his usurped supremacy?”....“But I am sure none will condemn me for an heretic, save such as make the Pope their God...” (King James I, A Meditation on Revelation; Premonition).
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