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Unusual pulsing signal on 14.320 MHz - HAM experts out there?

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United States
03/19/2012 08:54 PM

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Unusual pulsing signal on 14.320 MHz - HAM experts out there?
Posting this here for anyone to give some input..

Since Dec. 30th, I have been hearing an unusual pulsing signal intermittently on 14.320 MHz. The signal consists of 50 regularly spaced, long pulses per minute. The pulses are audio modulated in two frequencies of about 500 and 1000 Hz. The pattern is always the same: 37 pulses at one frequency, then 37 more at the other, then repeating. The signal is usually heard within the hours of 16:00 to 23:30 Universal Time. It is highly variable in strength, and sometimes as strong as S. 9 (4 bars). The signal has been heard at points at least as far afield as California, New England, and the Bahamas. Can anyone on this forum hear these transmissions and/or suggest what sort of signal this is; what sort of technology is behind it, or where the transmitter might be located? Amateur radio operators, in whose 20 meter band allocation this signal falls, have so far been unable to explain it.

[link to setiathome.berkeley.edu]

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