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The Cost of Climate Change--Mass food and Water Shortages!!!

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United States
03/20/2012 11:10 AM
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The Cost of Climate Change--Mass food and Water Shortages!!!
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Senator Sanders Address to Congress!

"Climate Change could have serious Geopolitical impacts around the world contributing to poverty and environmental degradation and the further weakening of a fragile Governments food and water scarcity!"

This means...The CIA and Senator are telling us there are going to be mass food and water shortages because of the climate changes now upon us!

Though I dont think they are being honest about the CAUSE of the climate change. He tells us that these climate changes are due to Global Warming which I don't agree with. The climate changes are due to a polar and axial shift which is why here in the U.S.A and Canada its getting warmer due the N. Pole moving away from us, but why its continually getting colder in Eurasia as the N. Pole moves closer to them.

However....I believe they are telling us what the problematic effects are of these climate changes and we need to listen!!