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Message Subject Biblical look at NWO and Illuminati
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Wrong definition of sons of God. Then wrong about early Christians accepting the book of Enoch, and wrong about Jesus and others allegedly quoting from it.

What the book of Enoch nephilim theories does is claims mankind was wiped out with the flood due to RACE not SIN.

The film starts off glamorizing the occult as an ancient mystery school using Chris White as a source (too much) while neglecting to identify Rome as the seat of the mystery babylon since 200 BC. While the Catholic Churches are somewhat free from this the occult and babylonianism is found at the Vatican and practiced among their military knights--such as the Templars--who became the secret societies.

I turned it off soon as he advocated the book of enoch. Started to much earlier when he overlooked Rome, but wanted to see where he was going.

What a deceptive liar. Chris White has similar serious error.

I'm not sure how they produce these vids or i'd draw up a script that would burn their ears.
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