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Message Subject why i hate arabs
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
where i come from Albanians are dirtbags. especially in Europe thats why you migrated to Canada
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 5302444

well turkish, if it wasnt for albanians, turkey would be just as a dirtbag of a country as the rest of the arab countries... albanians built your "homeland", the pasha family, and most importantly ATATURK, the albanian who built modern day turkey..

so a thank you would be in order.. or better yet, get on your knees turk and kiss my albanian shoes... after all, if it wasnt for us, youd be just another dumb arab..

now get on your knees and thank greater albania!
 Quoting: Albanian-1

i didn't mean to disrespect and i didn't mean Turkey but europe. i now live in Turkey. i came from Italy
...i like albanians. my ex girlfriend was albanian. its just that i know a lot of Albanians have migrated from western europe because of the discrimination
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