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Message Subject why i hate arabs
Poster Handle BRIEF
Post Content

They're nice while they try to fuck you out of money...everything is a negotiation with those idiots...

Nuke all muzzies!
 Quoting: BRIEF

If that's your criteria, you're gonna need to widen you nuke radius a bit.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 12908578

We can start with Iran and Mecca during Ramadan.
 Quoting: BRIEF

i dont hate Americans, i don't hate muslims, i don't hate any other religion or race. but people like you deserve to die in a very slow death.

people like you are parasites in this world, and simply most of them come from the US apparently.
you were excused for nuking Japan to end a WW. but for you to start another one by nuking a country, the world will nuke the hell out of you and stop you Nazis
I've got kids you low life bafoon, how can you say such a thing
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 5302444

The argument that everyone with nukes will use them just because we do is stupid. We use conventional bombs every day, why doesn't everyone with bombs use them too?
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