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Message Subject why i hate arabs
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
where i come from Albanians are dirtbags. especially in Europe thats why you migrated to Canada
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 5302444

well turkish, if it wasnt for albanians, turkey would be just as a dirtbag of a country as the rest of the arab countries... albanians built your "homeland", the pasha family, and most importantly ATATURK, the albanian who built modern day turkey..

so a thank you would be in order.. or better yet, get on your knees turk and kiss my albanian shoes... after all, if it wasnt for us, youd be just another dumb arab..

now get on your knees and thank greater albania!
 Quoting: Albanian-1

i didn't mean to disrespect and i didn't mean Turkey but europe. i now live in Turkey. i came from Italy
...i like albanians. my ex girlfriend was albanian. its just that i know a lot of Albanians have migrated from western europe because of the discrimination
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 5302444

your italian? the discrimination of albanians now is the same discrimination the italians had faced in the 80s, about them being a bunch of mobsters and no good criminals... now, the shift is on the albanians, with every movie comming out about us being just a bunch of people with mob boss cliches..... so i know you can relate....

think of the good albanians have done, not what the movie portray us to be..

and i didnt mean to inslut the turkish
 Quoting: Albanian-1

also well think of what the good arabs have done. there are a lot of bad people in this world and we should judge the whole race or religion based on these types of assholes. hence your logic, you are discriminating arabs based on some types you found to be irritating.for ex, i shouldn't depict all americans to be fat, ugly, and baby killers based on Americans like BRIEF. there are tons of great loving Americans out there who have beautiful heart unlike Brief.

same goes for all humanity. i myself have encountered with bad arab muslims. once in my home town Florance, i walked across a church and i did the cross on my chest. suddenly a muslim women shouted at me for doing that in front of her kids and got me really upset.
i told her that she was in a christian country not islamic, and asked her politely what she would have felt like if i did the same in her country by shouting at her for praying in front my christian kids?
she nodded and apologized, then we continued with our daily lives.
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