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Message Subject why i hate arabs
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Throw em all in camps OP?

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 11145700

no bro, they jsut need to be greatful that europeans treat them with respect.. and when they turn around, they criticize europeans.. but they cant go back to their war torn countries cuz theyll probably die..

what an ungreatful peoples, i truly feel sorry for their iq of 12
 Quoting: Albanian-1

Before World War II, Europeans did the same thing. Except it was far worse. For example the Italians occupied Libya, murdered 55% of their population in 20 years and burned down/destroyed their infrastructure (especially schools). Why did they do it? Cause Italy wanted to expand their "empire".

England occupied much of Arab nations just so they could control the trade routes (especially the Suez Canal). And of course they did murder innocent civilians, and took over their resources.
There are many other examples which I can give to you. This is why Arabs are so bitter. And as for "their war torn countries" well Europeans and, recently, North Americans governments are the ones to blame for that.

But don't get me wrong. Being dishonest to a country in which you live in is pretty damn low.
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