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Message Subject why i hate arabs
Poster Handle Ozi Dude
Post Content
What makes you religious types muslims or christians think you own the concept of God. You are no more right that the last fool. Religion muslims as christianity and others have all been used to opress and control poplulation. They have kept them from true spirituality. I am not scared just because someone tells me to be scared.

If you think your so right did Mohamed wed a girl of only 6 years of age?

We can start with Iran and Mecca during Ramadan.
 Quoting: Sara_jn23 31755513

excuse me? now you are Infringe on religious.
and don't ever say " Mecca " on your dirt Tongue.
i just don't get your idea abut religions :/
is you idea abut Worship to set in the Church and listen to music and you priest read some words of your Distorted Gospel in less than 10 mins on the week ? and 1 time only !!
dude are you serious ?
i mean, have you ever seen a big priest Turn into a Muslim ?
if it yes, ok. have you ever seen a Devout Muslim turn into a
priest ? of course no.
and if yes, give me his name please.
the second thing, your worship is like.... ^ it's above, i mean it's an easy worship. but How many attendees? a few right ? based that out religion's worship is praying every day five times, once at the Daybreak, and once at afternoon, and once at 3 p.m, and once at the sunset, and once at 6:40 p.m ..
but guess how many attendees? the mosques are full from the people, based it's a hard worship.. then what makes us do all these things and we're happy and completely Enthusiastic ?
have you ever seen Al Kaaba ? how thousandths million people!
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