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Message Subject why i hate arabs
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Lots of us have no choice but to obey the law and not discriminate against anybody. But let's face it. Lots of Arabs are racist Mofos, supported Hitler, and most of them are Muslims. Then there is the Islamic religion, of which Christianity has been at odds with and has fought wars with over the past 1000 years. As a minority, they are okay, until they get past some number, and then they behave like that mob in Dearborn. Lots of them are actually okay and contribute to Western Society. But there is a big problem when they try to act out their cultures in public or get away with stuff, they are used to getting away with normally in their own countries. Like the public blood letting and the honor killings. That doesn't mesh with Western Society. I'm also not sure what they will do of the Sunni/Shi'ite feuds, not to mention the clan feuds spread over here. Zat's all.
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