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Message Subject why i hate arabs
Poster Handle natanyahu bush
Post Content
my reasons why u hate those mother fuckin Arabs especially gulf contries and algeria.

1.Arabs spend their lives fucking their sisters in the ass and preserve the pussy for marriage.arabs are so jelouse that they never marry non vagin girls.on the wedding day the man has to fucks his new wife to prove if she a vagin.if blood comes out,he shows it to the crowd and chants begin.If she is'nt,it means lapidation.

2.Arabs hate vaginas.they adore the ass.even in marriage.Vaginal penetration happens only for conception.Girls,never move out with an arab,coz for him the vagina is haram(prohibited).but the ass is hallal.

3.we often here of the majority on the west opposing to homosexuality.That does'nt work in arab lands coz 90 percent or more are Gays.these mother fuckers really bang there asses day and night.For them fucking a man'a ass is totally halal(licite) and better than having sex with ur girlfriend.Never deal with those monsters.For that reason they hate loving coples btn a man and a woman.they will attack u and kill u.
4.Arabs bath only on friday.they spend the whole week stincking like rotten guts.Very few Arabs have heard of the vacabulary "tooth brush".they are mouth stinkers.dats why by 50 an arab has bearly a teeth left in his jaws.

5.terrorists.by 5 years of age an arab child is already tought how to slaughter a jew or a black,or some one from the west

6.arabs are always quarelling.fighting,its a hobby for them.they want to exterminate those poor africans neiboughrs.advise for africans,never employ ur daughters in saudi arabia,if not they will be given to their sons to fuck.or else they will be victims of nail pearcing into their bodies.watch out for these animals with no hearts.the police will never help coz they are the same or else they will as well demande for sex bofore help and its not garanteed.

7.I have never seen a people as hypocrites,thugs,layers as arabs.never entrust them.

8.i hate them coz they do every thing in their powers to come to the west and once they reach here,they begin mixing in lives of people which don't concern them.rather go back in ur deserts and feed on ur dates u trash.

9.these assholes are pedophiles.they even prefer boys to girls.cousins moleste these speechless boy's asses in homes.

10.these guy practice anceste on a large scale.what a backword people!.allready they are 1000 years back 1446(wat ever year it is).

this motherfuckin arab terrorist race spends its time chewing sticks,and swallowing .that's why they act like animals.personally i don't consider them as humans but just a sucidal terroriste race.research has shown the cognotive impairements in heavy smokers.Go to egypt and witness these morons. still i hav never seen psychiatrilly speaking a country with a high mentally disabled people like arabs i.e down syndrom,schyzophrenia,paranoid etc coz of these twitts commiting ancetry through marring cousins from generation to generation even btn brothers and sisters.allready in arabic language the word consciousness does not existe.so sum up this endless smoking in public,uncousiouness,analphabetism,ancetry,sodomising their sisters,podophilism;gays will bring up a population of sombies.what a race!
arabs are not even whites.what a fuck do they want to do with our coulor us the europeans,i find even dark skin better than the skin complexion of these dicks.i know why they prefer our colour.its because we crush them with an iron hands each time they open up their snouts.blacks,do the same and they consider u as gods.i hate their primitive uncivilized language it sounds boring.their medieval dressing code is silly.go and learn some english.cars,internet,techinologie belong to us.go back into ur caves and feed on ur dates and raw camels miik.shit

11.a hate their language,their culturesand there being unalphabetes .funny!arabs can as well rap.its to me like a sound of kamicaze explosion.
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