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Message Subject Did You Know?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Almost all the children in the Western US now have Radioactive Iodine-131 in their thyroids?

Did you know we all have breathed in copious amounts of Xenon gas?

Did you know cesium contaminates our vegetables and fruits....again...has since the 60's, now it returns.

Did you know we have all breathed in at least a possible 1 particle of Plutonium?

Did you know Japan is going to burn all the waste adding even more airborne contamination with radiation, to head OUR way?

Did you know Pacific Sea Life are now poisonous to consume at a distance of roughly the Hawaiian shores...and expanding?

Did you know the entire west coast took TWICE the rad level required for evacuation in a years time?
Where would they put them all....if they did?

The Cascades....hot

Did YOU know?
 Quoting: RememberThis

I have always had my kids on Multi-vitamins and a Multi-minerals their entire lives.

They never, ever get sick (19yrs. & 20yrs.) Neither has been sick since elementary school.

Both also take "Kelp" everyday, since "March of 2011" Japanese quake.

Thanks for getting the word out OP.

I am also a trained NBC instructor (Army Additional Duty) and as soon as I saw that Fukushima got hit, that night I bought 20 bottles of Kelp.

My kids, young Adults, will live with me forever,... "Autism"

 Quoting: ***DRAGOON***

Thanks for this info. hf
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