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Message Subject Bible contradiction proof + Citations
Poster Handle Reiz
Post Content
I've never actually met a Christian, Muslim, Lightworker or otherwise. I HAVE met lots of people who say that's what they are, but unfortunately their actions pretty well prove that what they actually believe is that they're special, and all that goodness and hard work stuff only applies to other people Generally I've found that the faithful are more than willing to drop the beliefs they claim they have when its no longer convenient to hold them.

Its very testable too which makes it nice. I like taking Lightworkers who claim that every situation that happens in ones life was manifested by that person themselves. Which means that they believe that a war orphan who stepped on a landmine and lost their leg and half an arm in Sudan must've created that situation themselves. Therefore their belief applies to bad things too. But all I have to do is start insulting them on an internet forum to get them riled up and suddenly all that talk of manifesting lessons is gone and they're all pissed at me. An internet forum, arguably the most harmless medium of which bad things could happen. And that was enough to make their alleged worldview crumble away. So again I saw what they really believed. Its just like the biblical argument of context for certain passages, when it makes them look good, they believe it, when it makes them look bad, "oh that's all out of context and open for interpretation." Therefore the REAL belief is that they are special and superior to others and nothing more. But of course they'd never admit that.

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