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Message Subject Bible contradiction proof + Citations
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
People who post alleged Bible contradictions without rebuttal, WANT the alleged contradictions to be true.

The Bible consists of two main sections and those sections are NOT Old Testament and New Testament. The two sections are "the core" and "the controversy".

The core is the main message which I'm sure even pro-active atheists all know.

Everything else is the controversy.

We are saved by the core, we expose our wickedness by ignoring the core and only focusing on the controversy.

Multiple versions is part of the controversy. Alleged contradictions are part of the controversy.

I know how many alleged contradictions there are. Do you? There are approximately 180 - 182! Each one of those alleged contradictions has a controversial surface meaning and a logically acceptable hidden meaning that only a real heart-felt search for the truth will reveal.

On the day of judgement, Go might say: "Well, congratulations, you have become an expert in the surface meanings of my controversy. Now let's get right to it shall we...what did you do with the core?"

Every atheist on the planet knows what I have just posted is true. And they will of course give a controversial and surface rendering of that. Because that's what atheists do for a living...they skim the surface!
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