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Message Subject Bible contradiction proof + Citations
Poster Handle grrttsgar
Post Content
OP nice find.


The one thing people do not look at is that the Bible has Old Testament and New Testament.

The two do contradict.

Then if you step back and take a good look and read what is written as a history book then its WTF???

But to do that you have to set religion aside and read the words.

Why was "Jesus" after "God" kingdom???

Why was Jesus fasting?(that is an obsessive compulsive behavioral pattern).

They nailed Jesus to a cross after his testimony(I bet the entire testimony is not in the book).

Bet he go what he deserved.

And by the way where is "GOD" and who killed him/her.

Oh wait they nailed his the criminal in question to a cross.

Now waiting for rebirth of him/her.

Problem over the years seek of him/her has always been to kill him/her so that the tyrannical government can continue to enslave an control the people.

Game over they win.
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