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Message Subject Bible contradiction proof + Citations
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
since i have dealt with suppossed contradictions in the scripture, not one of them changes the message from the beginning, the very beginning, and those citing them don't understand either the original language or are just plain stupid...like the accounts of Paul and the first vision, look it up in the original and no contradiction...


The first word of scripture in the bible.

Translated In the Beginning / Bet Resh Aleph Shin Yod Tav

Bet the first letter in Hebrew, means a house

Since a house is something you go into, when Bet prefixes a word it means "in"

The first and second letter of Scripture Bet Resh = Son - like as in Bar Mitzah

First three Bet Resh Aleph = Created Formed

In the beginning House Son Created

the last letter of the first three/ aleph and the first letter of the second Shin spells out the word for "Gift

the Yod is a Hand, with a peg - nail

Shin Yod Tav spells out the word Appointed.

First word of Scripture

In the Beginning house Son Created, Gift hand nailed appointed.

this here is also amazing the last letter of first Three is the First letter of the Hebrew alphabet, the last letter of the second is the last letter of the alphabet

The Aleph - Tav

Bereish't bara Elohiym ET

The Most High has preserved His Word

and the blind still lead the blind
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 12750128

i missed mentioning the last letter in the first word Tav, in paleo Hebrew was shaped like a cross

In the Beginning House Son Created Gift Hand/nailed Cross appointed
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