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Message Subject Bible contradiction proof + Citations
Poster Handle Ohwell
Post Content
Fact: Man fails to grasp spiritual matters and takes things out of context to excuse his sinful nature.

Any Christian who can not see the fulfillment of Bible Prophesies during these days we are living in, hasn't really read a Bible in their lives.

As for the rest, of course they are going to reject God's Command to Repent of their sins and ridicule any suggestion that they do so.

Your soul, your loss!
 Quoting: TCS

Every generation since the dawn of religion has felt that THEY are living in the end times! Its human nature! Every generation can look at occurrences in the world at that time and say this is what the Bible is talking about so everyone must repent and blah blah blah!! Im sure the end times will eventually come but it wont have a thing to do with the Bible!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 2386473

Is that your finale excuse NOT to repent?

You reject God's Way of Salvation at your own peril

2 Peter 3:4
 Quoting: TCS 11828450

Natural cycles have remained consistent. The earth rotates and revolves around the sun or whatever without any further inducements by the creator. Yet he created flawed humans. Have you thought about the magnificence of nature and for how impossible for a creator, if there is one, that did such wonders to be incapable of making such erroneous mistakes on humans as your bible states? Only an impostor wants to fill that role.
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