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Message Subject Bible contradiction proof + Citations
Poster Handle MyFather'sChild
Post Content
I love threads like this. They get everyone so riled up and then their true beliefs and values come out instead of just the words they speak. You can really tell what type of person someone is when you get them mad.
 Quoting: Reiz

So that's your excuse? Humans being humans?

I'll bet on the day of judgement when God asks you why you never repented, you'll say "Because Joe Christian was stupid, immature, emotional, a hypocrite and flew off the handle every time I mocked You!".

Yeah...that'll fly.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 992437

Why would God have to ask anybody anything when he can supposedly see into the hearts and minds of everyone! So wouldnt he already know why? God is gonna call you into his office and ask you why you never believed in him? LMAO @ the very notion!!!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 2386473

Really want to watch an auto race while knowing the winner? What to invest time into a football game knowing the winner?

Because someone can fly an airplane, must they?
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