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Message Subject Bible contradiction proof + Citations
Poster Handle Reiz
Post Content
Ah yes now we have people quoting scripture at easch other. Good, perhaps they may find a contradiction this way.... or not.... I don't know.

Well, from what it appears is the definition of christians held by the majority its that they are kind hearted warm people who are more than willing to help their fellow man. So I guess that's the faith through works style. Based on that you can quickly see how many christians are that way. I personally think that the faith alone christians are the genuinely bad half. Why? Because you've given yourself a free ticket to not care about anyone ever if you believe you can be saved simply by believing. Doesn't mean you won't help people, but it far less likely that you will. So to me a "Good Christian" would have to be the faith by works type as they are the ones more likely to say... help you push your car out from a ditch. Also a faith by works might be more tolerant of other belief systems because in their minds it doesn't matter what you believe, you belies shines through in your works. So I think you'd have less religious warfare with genuine faith by works christians than you would with faith alone christians because in their minds if you're not believing in Jesus then you're damned to hell.

Faith alone christians seem far more likely to persecute than a faith by works christian.
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