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Message Subject Bible contradiction proof + Citations
Poster Handle fingulas
Post Content
LOTS of errors here:

1) The Bible is a collection of 20+ ancient documents. In some cases one having little to do with another. If anyone represents this to you as a single book then they're already telling you they haven't a clue. The collection is bound together for ease of access and reference.

2) Old testament = JEWISH history. It is NOT the new testaments. Followers of Jesus do not necessarily believe in Genesis.

3) We're NOT CHRISTENS. Christen is a word outsiders used to label us. We are Disciples of Jesus. Christen is used in the Bible exactly THREE TIMES. Disciple is what Jesus referred to us as. We need to stop referring to ourselves as Christens as it pollutes our identity.

4)The new testament is far older than 1700 years. Anyone who things / believes this is simply wrong. John lived with Mary in his old age and knew / interviewed James (Jesus' brother) among others. Anyone who believes the documents in the Bible are only 1700 years old has been tricked by their lying leftist college professor.

5)Seriously...1700 years? Who the hell is spouting the pseudo intellectual bull-crap to you kids?

6)I've already posted how you have free-will and pre-destiny in your life. Also, how free-will has limits and God ALSO has boundaries. Please do a search as it's a long post. Essentially, "evil" is manifestation of free will and God can't eradicate that without killing who we are. So he's chosen a middle path, free will within bounds. A good engineering solution if ever there was one.

6a)Think about it for a second...you want to create living thinking creatures with free will. Can you eliminate evil? Nope...it's part of the package. God cannot prevent evil acts without destroying mankind...so he doesn't. Be he did send his avatar ("Son") down among us to try and lead us away from our worst behavior.

7)Living in an evolving universe does not preclude it's initial creation by God. Please research starting Entropy as a good place to find arrows pointing straight at a creator / designer.

8) The world can be 4 billion years old and the New Testament still holds fine. We usually get conflict when Disciples of Jesus start taking the Old Testament literally. This is not a good thing to do.
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