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Message Subject Bible contradiction proof + Citations
Poster Handle Evan03
Post Content
Great video OP

so where are the bibletards today

I would love to hear someone explain why their bible is full of holes and contradictions

I know the answer

because the book is from man not god

I know its hard to admit that your religion is a lie, everything you've been told your whole life is a lie

Don't upset yourself

get over the lie and move on
 Quoting: Kayak Pulling Kayak

You are correct but If you are aware of the Sumerian texts, you will perhaps know that it is in fact a work of some being (an ET). There are contradictions cause throughout history, he changed and moulded the book to fit into his agenda of controlling and dumbing down the human populace. There were many other players and this is why some of his characteristics dont match.
 Quoting: Ohwell

I always love when people mock someones beliefs...then has an equally outlandish belief.

I mean, I don't care what you believe...whatever floats your boat. But if you believe all that alien jazz maybe you shouldn't judge others beliefs
 Quoting: Evan03

Its not some belief. Its a rational conclusion you can come to after examining what happened in history, landmarks, artefacts, writings, data and current affairs. It is not based on faith but real life information.
 Quoting: Ohwell

It's not proven either way. So to come to that conclusion requires faith.

Majority of the scientific community would disagree with that conclusion also.

Then again they would disagree with mine too.

Which brings back my point...you shouldn't mock what people believe, because no matter what it is, there is someone who thinks what you believe is as crazy as you feel about christians
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