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Message Subject Bible contradiction proof + Citations
Poster Handle malfunkshun007
Post Content
anyone that has talked to me on here knows that i consider myself a Christian (although dont agree much the modern church). i have to admit this a funny video. i found it funny because i have strugled with the exact same thing many times in my study of the bible. i rushed through the video so i dont know if they covered this but one that always confused me was when samuel went to annoint david king of isreal. samuel was scared to go because saul would kill him and the Lord told him to tell saul he was going for the feast. which could have technically been true. but it was a partial truth. i dont know about you but i teach my kids that a partial truth is a lie. so was God telling samuel to lie? it seemed that way.

i really had a rough time with this. i dont have an hour to go into my conclusion but let me give you a few points. everything is written with a context. it reminds me of a SNL skit one time where a boss at a nuke plant told the worker they could never put too much water in a nuke reactor and then he left. well it started to melt down and they didnt know if he meant it would be hazardous to add too much water or if it was impossible to add too much.

now i know what you are thinking... why would God be elusive with His word? well why did Christ? also the bible was written by men and is deciphered and translated by men. take that as you will. an example would be different versions of the gospels. well if 4 people told the exact same story in court it is called colusion and thrown out. people are different with different interpretations. in academia original sources have to difer a little or they are not considered original but a copy.

lastly is that the bible is a living word. it will speak to me differently almost everytime i read it with the same message. i dont expect nonbelievers to understand that. thats fine. my point is we could both read shakespear and then interpret it. well either we would both be right, or wrong, or one right and one wrong, or both wrong. but with the bible it applies to us and our calling differently. so we would both be right. make sense? i dont expect it to but it is the best i can with no time. sorry. hope it helps some.
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