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Message Subject Bible contradiction proof + Citations
Poster Handle Reiz
Post Content

Doesn't change the fact that no one seems t care about the context of the good things now does it? Only the stuff that makes it look bad. I meanI could take some of the good stuff, make some context, and make it sound bad. Like lets say "the Meek will inherit the earth" Well I cold easily say that the meek are those who never ever questioned the authority of God and thus are those who were never killed, damned, etc. which basically means they're just the ones who were willing beaten down slaves.

I could also say that the meek are those who held their tongues and were not boisterous about their works and boisterous about their faith and just kept to themselves amidst all the hatred around them. And thus the meek are the very balanced, peaceful people whom inherit the earth after all the rest are gone.

Two interpretations of the same thing. One good nd one bad. And you can do this with literally any part of the bible, turn it good or bad with interpretation. S why is it that no one cares about the stuff that sounds good at first glance but all the bad at fist glance stuff is open to interpretation?

the answer is quite simple, the supposed christian only wants to feel a sense of self confidence and superiority. That's why all the bad stuff is selected for and "interpreted" as being good whereas the good stuff is just acccepted without question.

The pattern of behavior I see here pretty well backs that up. Although not from everyone, there's been a couple "meeks" amongst the crowd here that no one seemed to notice for the most part.
 Quoting: Reiz

If one reads the bible with a heart of evil they will see evil for those are the glasses they are wearing.
 Quoting: AlmustKnowe

Well yea but then how do you explain me? I'm looking at this whole things as being neutral and subjective and just noticing that people are displaying certain behavioral patterns in relation to certain things.

Its just a damn book, people read it, people get stuff out of it, that's the truth. I could easily do the same thing with any novel. People would read it and get whatever they wanted out of it. The problem is that barely anyone seems to recognize this basic fact. And then surprise surprise God becomes whatever it is people think it is. And then somehow magically everyone thinks they're right and starts arguing over it.
 Quoting: Reiz

I wouldn't say you are neutral, through your posts you've showed your stance.

You are no different from anyone else, you are either going to read it and understand that ALL contained in the bible pertaining to god is good, and most things pertaining to men will be evil or you will pick fragments of passages and never read the bible in entirety and than be confused as to what it means and think it is contradicting.
 Quoting: AlmustKnowe

You're right I'm not 100% neutral. I believe that faith is in general a bad thing. Why? Because faith without evidence means that you can be led and manipulated any which way the manipulator wants. I've fallen into that trap before and would prefer not to fall into it again. Therefore I will never ever be a part of any religion ever because there is no way I'm just going to take their word for it at face value.

You can sit there and tell me all you want about what you believe Christianity and religion is. But that means nothing to me. I wil observe religious people and see what it is they ACTUALLY believe. I'll carve my own path, my days of being led ended a long, long time ago.
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