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Message Subject Bible contradiction proof + Citations
Poster Handle Reiz
Post Content
holding up a bible or a person. Believing in some form of savior who's just going to come take all the pain away for you. Believing in a rulebook to life. Anyone who does that in my eyes is evil and weak. They are the ones who cause every problem in the whole world. Because in their minds they can justify themselves a reason why they can lay back and not care about the world. It doesn't matter if you're a super patriotic american who overlooks atrocities because "oh we're americans, we're the greatest thing ever" or a christian, muslim, lightworker, whatever.

as far as I'm concerned if you have a worldview like that you are the enemy. You are the corruption. You are the root of all evil. You are the followers of Satan. However you want to say it, that's what you are. Simply because you're too damn lazy to live your own life and carve your own path.

You're the type of person who believes that things are always someone elses problem no matter how much you try to talk your way out of it. Even if something was not your fault, its still your problem, but oh no because it was someone elses fault you're just going to sit on your ass and whine and complain and hope they own up to it.

You're the very worst type of people. So those people who get all offended by my videos and try to either defend the bible or damn it are basically saying that for some reason that damn book is important to them. Important enough to attack or defend. As far as I'm concerned intelligent people who were in touch with the world around them wouldn't have bothered with either side. They'd have more important things to do that argue about some dumb book. In their minds there would be more pressing issues in their world that needed their attention and energy than disproving or defending those videos.

But just as expected, almost everyone here jumped on the bandwagon and poured all this energy int an issue that at the end of the day DOESN'T MATTER. And there were just a few who seemed to see right through it and took no side and probably went back to their lives. And of those who didn't come in here, they either didn't care or didn't see it and not much can really be said about them.

I think I have all the data I need now, thank you all for participating in this test of values.
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