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Message Subject Bible contradiction proof + Citations
Poster Handle Ohwell
Post Content
holding up a bible or a person. Believing in some form of savior who's just going to come take all the pain away for you. Believing in a rulebook to life. Anyone who does that in my eyes is evil and weak. They are the ones who cause every problem in the whole world. Because in their minds they can justify themselves a reason why they can lay back and not care about the world. It doesn't matter if you're a super patriotic american who overlooks atrocities because "oh we're americans, we're the greatest thing ever" or a christian, muslim, lightworker, whatever.

 Quoting: Reiz

The only part that bothers me is the pain and suffering induced on other people while a religious explanation/excuse is given for such. It's ok if beliefs don't warrant apathy to the suffering of people or worse, contributing to it through many indirect ways. This is why the world is going apeshit.
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