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Message Subject Bible contradiction proof + Citations
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

The only part that bothers me is the pain and suffering induced on other people while a religious explanation/excuse is given for such. It's ok if beliefs don't warrant apathy to the suffering of people or worse, contributing to it through many indirect ways. This is why the world is going apeshit.
 Quoting: Ohwell

People valued this discussion enough to keep coming back to it again and again. That was the test, if they did not value it they would've left. But people tangled all their energy up in it like somehow they'd get something out of it in the end. And what would they get by beating the other side down? Maybe a small sense of satisfaction, but was that really worth all the time and effort spent in here? Did that really make their life better? Did it make the lives of those around them better?

I'm guessing no.

So yeah, I set up a very controversial type of discussion and strung people a long a bit so that I could then get to that last point where I ask tehm the question. Was it all worth it?

This would be the problem with teh world, people putting inordinate amounts of energy into things that literally mean nothing. Y'know maybe that person does need that little bit of extra satisfaction that comes from small seemingly pointless things like video games. And you know what that's fine. But if your entire life revolves around them, that's a problem. That's when it become evil and you become evil and the source of the worlds problems because you put so much energy into pointless things that help no one.

I'm no different, right now my values are all screwed up. I spend way too much time on forums writing blogs and trying to teach people things that at the end of the day are not helping my situation. If I really cared about all the stuff I talk about, I'd get off the forums and start practicing. So that's exactly what I'm gonna do.

I mean I don't think I'm not helping people, but if I die because of it then I'm useful to no one. Some lessons need to be experienced to be learned, that's why I did this discussion. I hope it did help someone in the end.
 Quoting: Reiz

Your logic is atrocious . "people putting inordinate amounts of energy into things that literally mean nothing." That is simply your opinion and to a devoted Christan , that could not be farther from the truth . It is his personal message to us , love letters to us . He is our beloved heavenly Father and you think that is nothing ? I think your problem is you only see things from your side and don't consider anything the other side says . To me that is pretty arrogant .
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 12623026

Yeh, for a guy who says the bible makes those who believes into closed-minded evil-doers, he is pretty closed minded hiself.
 Quoting: AlmustKnowe

Yeah and he is the furthest thing away from neutral and I don't believe what he says about doing this as a test . He just wanted to mock us and cause malice . He is also projecting a lot in this thread .

"I love threads like this. They get everyone so riled up and then their true beliefs and values come out instead of just the words they speak. You can really tell what type of person someone is when you get them mad." Reiz
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