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Message Subject Immortality ... how the Gods/Aliens ... achieve it.
Poster Handle Lamplite
Post Content
Maybe I should fill in how this all begun for me.

About three years ago roughly, I begun to get these visits as night and well, who came was very seductive and at first I sort of went along with what he was saying and showing me, mostly because I thought, I was only dreaming and well what harm can a dream do ... right?

A few people warned me when I told them the nature of the visitor and said shut him out!

But no, I was not religious and I didn't believe in any of that mumbo, jumbo besides he was usually lovely and I decided he was my own creation. I had made him up and what happened was just my imagination going wild.

It was a while before it started to dawn on me that no matter how wild I considered my imagination to be, it was not that wild.

Something about what he was saying started taking on some kind of bizarre reality and I started to realize he was not human! In fact he was far from human. Every time he exposed a bit more of himself, I would become more and more shocked and he would try endlessly to calm me down and assure me it was all OK.

Eventually the being that came to see me became two beings, two different beings. At first they had merged or hidden in the one identity. Later however they showed me themselves separately and they were not the same, not even the same creature or being.

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