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Message Subject Immortality ... how the Gods/Aliens ... achieve it.
Poster Handle Lamplite
Post Content
Anyway way before I realized it was two beings that visited, sometimes one at a time, in fact usually one at a time but not always. I started to smell a rat, shall we say ... something was up.

Something very heavy duty was going on and I started to accuse him of all sorts of things. Usually I accused him of being the devil. Even though I was not religious, this was the best I could come up with, so that was what I accused him of.

Surprisingly he never denied it, he would simply say "God and the Devil are one and the same." He didn't actually admit to being either, he would just reply with that statement. Then he would shrug it off and say "What does it matter what his name or identity was? He had come to teach me and to give me love, surely names are meaningless?"

I would usually just let it pass. My curiosity was way stronger than any need that I had to slander him and he seemed un-moved by insults at any rate.

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