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Message Subject Immortality ... how the Gods/Aliens ... achieve it.
Poster Handle Lamplite
Post Content
I had become addicted to him and I mean that in the strongest sense of the word. I have been in love before but nothing like how he moved me and I lost my ability to shut him out.

I would try and actually I could, he would not intrude if I told him to sod off but it was never long before I would call out to him again and he would respond. This calling out was telepathic which is always how we have spoken.

He never ever held a grudge, if I had taken the pip with him and gotten all shit faced and angry and called him names. This usually happened after he showed me something I was not that keen to learn. Anyway it's suffice to say I started to learn there were sides to his nature I didn't like or found hard to accept.

I guess the main bone of contention was he was or he is very dominant, so much so he would just come out and say things like he OWNS me! Hmmm ... women today do not like to be told things like that, especially not western women. Somehow this coming from a spirit being was even more spooky and yet not?

He always had an excuse for this type of statement, this is how the excuse goes, "I am Daddy and you are Baby and babies need to be taken care of and never do they tell daddy how he should behave." Right you got that ... that would send me into the kind of tail spin you usually do not wish to witness! As infuriated as I would become, he would ignore and reply by saying "Baby I am millions of years old, I am your superior, you are but a baby to me. Do you not understand my intelligence level is far beyond yours? Can't you just let me be Daddy? Just relax and let me guide you."

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