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Message Subject Movie: "The Hunger Games" > Satanic Ritual for Teens. More Illuminati Mass-Conditioning
Poster Handle abhie
Post Content
Don't miss the comments section at the link above.

One of the comments;

[link to www.henrymakow.com]
(March 21, 2012):

Many reviewers on Amazon say this plot was reworked from Battle Royale a Japanese adult manga [child porn] novel. Now a bloodline family member rewrites the book and Hollywood produces the movie at great profit.

This is the number one seller on Amazon with > 15:1 positive reviews. Why would teens or their parents want to read books where teens are being murdered for entertainment and sold into prostitution and give it a positive review? Why buy a book or a movie ticket which makes it profitable thereby encouraging the media and Hollywood to produce other books and movies just like it? Is this the future America wants for it's children?

Compare 'The Hunger Games' with this Japanese production:

Graphic to a certain extent:

[link to www.youtube.com]

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