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Message Subject Movie: "The Hunger Games" > Satanic Ritual for Teens. More Illuminati Mass-Conditioning
Poster Handle abhie
Post Content
This is long term programming.
The aim: to create a compassion-less society.

The progress is gradual.
Remember the Chinese movie where they show this two year old girl being mowed down by a truck and nobody noticing?

Warning: Graphic , discretion advised:

[link to www.youtube.com]

Thats the goal.
The programming for that society is complete.
Emotionless zombies.

But its still imcomplete for countries like the US, and the rest of the world. So the programming has to go on.

1. First they send your children to fascist style schools, where they are indoctrinated into a prison-like environment.
2. They are fed popular fare that indoctrinates them into satanic rituals: The HARRPY POTTER series.
3. As they grow up, they are fed violent, blood-shedding video games, that makes killing as casual as picking up a cup of coffee.
4. They grow up watching harsh reality shows where their brains are numbed with programming.

Now, ....they are almost there.
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