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Message Subject Movie: "The Hunger Games" > Satanic Ritual for Teens. More Illuminati Mass-Conditioning
Poster Handle abhie
Post Content
You haven't even read the book and you don't know shit about the story. Apparently these days that makes one an expert.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1459925

Sorry if it looks like Im blowing my trumpet, but this is sort of an introduction:

Seriously, my senses in smelling out agenda are really acute.
I can trace out hidden meanings in pictures, sentences, etc.
Most times I sense what it is. before being aware of the content in its entirety.
Other things too: Talking with my Spirit Guides.
Real voices in real time.
Stuff that can blow your mind.
Precognition. Lean slightly on the Psychic sides, but not yet gifted with acute psychic vision.
Can see events , generally speaking, and most times before they happen. My mind is blocked from events 'they' don't want me to see.
Rapid decoding of dreams , visions, and mind phrases uttered in my sub-conscious. Im fast.

I even will go further out and say that my mind is like no other you are aware of.

So I'd like to share some of these insights with you.
I'd like the advantage to be all yours.
I'd rather you work with me.

But its right that you be on alert and not trust anyone.
I don't blame you.
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