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I think this could be a good idea, what do you think?

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 13090254
United Kingdom
03/23/2012 07:28 PM
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I think this could be a good idea, what do you think?
"I consider myself to be a Gnostic Theolalite, I believe that everyone should have the freedom to:
Do whatever they want, worship whatever they want, believe anything they want, so long as it hurts no one else and they don't force their views on anyone else.

What we are doing and why.

We are joining together as many free thinking, non dogmatic, Spiritual Beings as possible.

But why?

Because for too long now dogmatic lies have dictated to us throughout all areas of society.

We are not allowed to show any kind of disapproval of any religions, as that is seen as taking away someone's free choice. Yet people continue to be murdered in the name of religions and 'God' every single day all over the world. Religious wars have infested all areas of the world at some time or another, and effect everyone on the planet. Yet we are told we must believe that religion is good, and teaches us morals?

We believe the only way to bring balance and peace to the world is to stop others hurting others in the name of religions and religious dogma, and that there should be one rule and one rule only... Do whatever you want, worship whatever you want, believe anything you want, so long as it hurts no one else and you don't force your views on anyone else. If the world was filled with Spiritual Beings who work on bettering themselves, rather than judging others, just imagine how much better the world would be?"

The rest can be seen here [link to templeoftheola.weebly.com]

I think this could a great way forward, where we all just allow everyone to be themselves, what harm can there be in that if they also don't hurt anyone else?

Great idea and article, go see for yourself.