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Message Subject Galactic Federation Coud'état against the Illuminati and a NEW financial system . START THE DISCUSSION OF THE END OF TIMES!
Poster Handle WuDStefoto
Post Content

Galatic Federation = TRAGICAL DEFECATION

Galactic Federation Of light = LACERATE FICTIONAL DOGFIGHT
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 12478270

Joke all you want ;DDD

But we gotta move our asses & do smth..
 Quoting: WuDStefoto

That's the thing. I wasn't joking. Those were the only anagram results from a computer program.

But unfortunately that computer program is most likely telling the TRUTH.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 12478270

ahahah, then go - trust on your machine - man-made MARK OF THE BEAST...


how can so many of you be soo confused...

Anyway - time will tell - I just pray you wont stay as dumb, death & blind as you are right now...

Most you - I red all here.. most people LAWAYS DOUBT

WITH DOUBT - YOU WONT GET TO GOD, THE LORD, ALLAH, THE MOST HIGH and many more akas.......................

So please, re-think ''YOUR OWN WORLD""
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